Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hanging Out in the Roller Holding Room

Doyle Johnson and son Austin taking a break in the roller holding room! It was common for roller exhibitors to use the team holding room as there home base and to hang out there or just stop in occasionally throughout the show to visit with other roller breeders.

Roller judge David Bopp was the roller division secretary. He kept track of all the paperwork, adding up scores and generated the roller division report.

David, from Tipp City Ohio, invited Rich May and David Galloway and their birds to accompany him on the long drive to Tulsa! That's real commitment! Thanks David for all your hard work and for bringing them with you!!

Congratulation David on winning Grand Champion Team, Highest Scoring Single Bird, and Master Class. Great birds David!!

Grand Champion is the highest scoring team in the show regardless of whether the breeder is a Master, Champion, Amateur or Novice class.

Rich May helped David with the paperwork and stewarded along with David Galloway. Without there help, the show would not go on! Thanks so much guys for a great roller show, you all made it happen!!

After judging a NCBS record breaking 34 teams exhibited by people from California, Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, Illinois, and Ohio, Fred is finally finished with judging and the sing-off and joins the conversation in the holding room.

Throughout the show, after each team was judged, he made helpful comments and answered exhibitors questions. After the judging, he also used show teams to demonstrate various tours to help educate our breeders. Thanks Fred for all your hard work and generous information sharing!

It's all smiles for Ninez Giles from Nashville Tennessee who won Grand Champion Young Team! This is the second highest team award in the roller division and goes to the highest scoring young team exhibited by breeders in the Champion, Amateur, and Novice classes. Ninez is an amateur breeder and not only winner of the amateur class but also beat the other two classes! Way to Go Ninez!!

Vanessa Johnson from Grand Prairie, Texas won the Novice Class! Way to Go Vanessa!! This was Vanessa's first roller competition!! The win will advance Vanessa from Novice class to the Amateur class.

While graduating from Novice class requires one win, Amateur and Champion classes require two wins with two different teams for advancement. Rollers that compete for awards and gain the breeder class advancement must be bred, banded, and trained by the exhibitor. (A special purchased bird section is available for evaluation of purchased birds but these birds are not eligible for any awards or advancements credit.)

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