Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunday Morning Billmire Home and Aviary

Steve and Christina Billmire

Sunday morning Alex and Nick decided they wanted waffles for breakfast. They got out the ingredients and prepared the batter and cook them without any adult help!

Steve kept a watchful eye on them from a distance. It was great to see them taking responsibility for their breakfast.

Rusty is the security system keeping watch over the two outside aviaries.

All of the outside exposed wire wire is covered with plexiglass to protect against rapid temperature change and mosquitoes that could transmit canary pox to the birds.

Inside there are numerous flight cages with natural branches.

Note the natural perches are attached to a piece of soft pine which is firmly attached to the window frame. This prevents the birds from perching so close to the wire and damaging their tail and wing feathers. Click on photo for a close look.

Steve likes to have millet spray and Laurel (bay leaf) branches hanging inside the flights for the birds to eat.

On this flight the laurel branches are on top but the birds still nibble on it.

The handy wire basket attached to the breeding cage door is holding a piece of bread. During breeding season, it is filled with nesting material.

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GingerG17 said...

Your canaries are so lucky to have such a wonderful environment. I only have 2 canaries, but you've given me some wonderful ideas. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures.