Monday, December 21, 2009

Not in Kansas Anymore!

Steve grew up in the San Francisco area and since a small child has enjoyed eating ocean caught whole dungeness crab. When he ask if I like them, I replied that I had eaten some legs and usually already picked crab. I had never eaten a whole crab! So we stopped at a local supermarket and bought one...

Once home, He proceeded to dismember the crab, all the while instructing me every step of the way. He explained that only the male crab are harvested and the females are thrown back in the ocean to produce more crab.

Washing the body to get to more edible meat.

Now that it was ready to eat, I learned the correct tool to use to crack the various pieces open and to use the claw to easily find the delicious meat. I was surprised by variation in taste depending on whether it was from the sweeter claws or from the body. Each part tasted great but subtly different.

No doubt about it, I was not in Kansas Anymore!

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