Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do You Have Any Experience With This Nare Problem?

This photo was sent in by a blogger who would like any input you have on this problem. She has been working with a vet and has given the bird a full round of Baytril with no apparent change. She has since soften it a bit and taken off some of it. It seems keratin-like in consistency to her. (Click on photo for enlargement.)

I personally have never seen this problem. I have looked at my vet books and seen some somewhat similar problems in other birds. There are numerous causes for the problem by such things as dietary deficiency of vitamin A to various kinds of infections such as Hemophilus or Mycoplasma to mites.

If you have dealt with this problem, please post a comment to this blog!

Side note: This morning I am flying to Oakland to judge the roller show. Come on out to the show!!


Anonymous said...

Could it be as simple as an feather cyst?

Anonymous said...

The answer could be a Feather Cyst as Richard's Roost suggests. I once had a Yorkshire that had a round shaped knot that developed on the edge of the nostril. I would let it dry and remove it. In the end, the deformity grew to be the size of a pea and consequently deformed the entire area leaving a large dry hole when removed.


I agree with Richard's Roost . I had a Orange Roller Hybrid with those on his breast area . I personally think this come about from excessive breeding with " soft feathered " birds .