Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saturday Sing Off

American Singer

Judges American Singer Judy Snider and German Roller Judge Fred Proebstel listen intently to Spanish Timbrado Judge Carlos Castellanos Collante explain the various aspects of Timbrado song.

Spanish Timbrado

On Saturday at 1:00 PM, Exhibitors listened to the highest scoring song bird in each division competing in a sing-off for 15 minutes for the Best Song Bird in Show Award. Three or Four birds were present for the sing-off but only the highest scoring bird in their division competed for the award.

The song judge of each of the three division gave a brief description of the characteristics of a fine bird in their division prior to their entry competing.

The winner of the competition selected by the three judges was announced at the banquet Saturday night and was a first time Best Song Bird in Show Win for the Spanish Timbrado! Congratulations Omar Vasquez!!

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Wow ! I wish I could see a Song Canary competiton ! I reside in Houston & I do not believe there is a formal club in this area anymore . Alot of people here are into parrots . I myself love canaries & serins . Thanks for the pix !!!