Sunday, December 27, 2009

Questions For Big Bird?

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What is the benefit of feeding hemp as a conditioner?


Anonymous said...

Can you please (once again) remind me and others the benefits of using Hemp Seed for conditioning birds. I've a friend who uses ground hemp on his hens.
Also, I have a parrot who doesn't feel well and goes for the hemp seed every morning.

Linda Hogan said...

An increase in protein level brings birds into breeding condition. This can be accomplished by feeding higher oil seeds which are also higher protein or by feeding soy products or animal protein such as hard boiled egg.

I prefer to use soy and higher protein seeds as they condition better without causing hens to lay infertile eggs prematurely before they come into full breeding condition.

I like to keep a dish of hemp available for the setting hen as it keeps the protein level up while she sits and provides a lot of calories from eating little helping to keep the hen from losing weight while she sits.

Wonder if the parrot goes for the hemp for the same reason, more calories and quick energy per bite.

I like to soak and sprout hemp. Wash well and cover with water and place in refrigerator and rinse daily. In a couple days you will see a few sprouts. Soaking would make it easier to eat and maybe encourage him to eat more.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Linda for the explanation about hemp. I knew it was a high protein seed, but could not recall how it affects the hens.

I am keeping it in my canary pantry as a staple.

Have a Happy New Year !


Anonymous said...

Linda have you used a product called SCATT for Scaly Face-Air Sac Mites?

Janet said...

Linda, I havae increased the lights to 12 hrs this week and have started my cocks on Vit. E.
The cocks are singing strong and the hens are tearing paper but this morning I noticed several down feathers when I was cleaning - have also noticed the hens carrying them. Since I only had one pair last year I am still pretty green - is this behavior natural?

Also am wondering if it is allright to continue to feed soaked seed. They love it and I enjoy doing it for them. It has been wonderful to have your information so close this year. Janet Hemesath - met you in Prescott, WI this fall.