Thursday, December 31, 2009

Canary Tales Blog Finishes Its First Year!

A big thank you to all of you bloggers who have shared my bird life this past year! I look forward to 2010 and only hope that as you click, can you believe its over 35,511 site visits, that you feel the same love for canaries that I feel!

A special thank you for all your feedback and encouragement! This is the cover for a card that I received yesterday from Enrique Pouce, President of North American Border Club, for a Happy Holiday Season and a special wish for a Happy New Year and a Great Breeding Season!

I not only look forward to breeding season but it is also basketball time and my beloved Kansas Jayhawk's, ranked number 1 nationally, just scored their 50th consecutive home win!

Seems like when the Jayhawk's play, it is about the only time in my day when I focus on something other than birds! (But then again, isn't a Jayhawk a bird?) :-)

Number 4, Sherron Collins made me so happy this year when he decided to come back to play Kansas basketball his senior year rather than go to the NBA.

But can you believe just how quickly freshman Xavier Henry is stealing my heart!

Tonight I plan on celebrating quietly by the fireplace with a cup of sugar-free hot chocolate and ponder over show results and breeding records getting ready for the up coming breeding season.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a Great Breeding Season!


Evon in WI said...


Wishing you a "Happy New Year".

Thank You for all you do for the canary hobby.

Happiness is a early clutch of 5 babies on New Year's Eve. Could anything bring MORE promise for a Bright & Beautiful New Year in 2010?

Unknown said...

I also look forward to the new year and the breeding season.

Anonymous said...