Monday, November 23, 2009

Selected Photos - Thursday National Cage Bird Show

As a 2009 NCBS member, I received my national catalog in the mail. I ordered my show tags in advance and got a low check-out number (28) and made plans to take birds to the show.

Thursday morning, my bird buddy Doyle Johnson arrived at my aviary at 6 AM Thursday and added my 40 show birds to his well-loaded van and we started the three hour drive to Tulsa!

His son, Austin was cheerful and kept the birds company as they were loaded all around him!

We arrived just in time for me to take my turn with other board members from 12 to 2 at the membership table where I collected memberships dues and sold booster buttons. Good thing my daughter had fed me a full breakfast at 5 AM as I was too busy for lunch!

I proceeded to get my birds ready for entry, grabbed a salad in the lobby with extra chicken taken from inside the chicken sandwich, attended the speciality meeting at 4, board meeting at 5, attended the Stafford Meeting, and finally made it to Henry Vela's well-attended National Colorbred reception. This was the first but I am sure it will become an annual event, way to go Henry!!

Stafford President Rudy Diehl conducted the club annual business meeting Thursday evening including coming up with clubs three judge recommendations, in order of preference, for next years show. These recommendations will be presented Saturday at the NCBS annual membership meeting.

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