Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lizard on My Shoulder Makes Me Happy

What a proud moment for David Galloway when his gold broken capped lizard won 4th place in the Old Varieties Division! Congratulations David, it is a fantastic bird!!

David says "The thrill of winning Fourth place in the old Varieties Division at the 2009 NCBS is such an honor. Thank you Dr. Mac Saedi for this award.

I am fascinated with the Lizard canary. It provides many challenges to the novice and the experienced breeder with so many characteristics to blend into the breeding plans.

My winner this year is a Gold broken cap hen. She excels in her spangling. It is distinct and uniform down her back and presents the correct appearance. Also she shows good rowing. These markings are showing plainly from her head down the breast. The pattern is somewhat vague on the center of the breast compared to the sides but still shows. She has a very rich ground color throughout and has an almost full cap. I would like to see a darker color on the legs and beak - but perhaps that can be worked on for next year.

My birds came from Bill Jackson in California. Three years ago, I purchased a dozen pairs with Ken Stubbart and Larry Gavin for our foundation stock. It seems to be a good blend, since this year was a repeat win, Division Fourth, at the 2008 NCBS in Lansing." David W. Galloway, Worthington, Ohio 43085, 614 888-2605,

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Rich said...

Dave also had the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Lizards at last years National in his first year of showing. Dave also had the Champion Young Team of Rollers at last year's National as well. To place fourth in the Division with that beautiful Lizard was a real feather in his cap. I couldn't be prouder of his achievements, it is great to see a newcomer to the hobby doing so well. Rich