Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Novice Winners Modesto

Best and Third Best Novice Canaries, Exhibited by Ted Brandvola pictured with his nephew James.

Second and Fourth Best Novice Canaries, Exhibited by Bridget Watson.

Best Novice Canary and Second Best Fife Fancy in Show, Exhibited by Ted Brandvola

Second Best Novice Canary in Show, Gloster Consort Exhibited by Bridget Watson

Third Best Novice Canary in Show and Best Novice Lipochrome Exhibited by Ted Brandvola

Fourth Best Novice Canary in Show, Gloster Corona Exhibited by Bridget Watson

A highlight of the Modesto show was the refreshing number of novice exhibitors which included nine in the finch division, one colorbred division, and three in the type division! To recognize the novice exhibitors, after the regular judging, the novice birds, approximately 30 canaries, were re-benched for view, special comments, and finally placement.

The novice exhibitors reported extensive help from experienced club exhibitors such as Benny Jones who came to their aviary and help select the show birds and their show classification and even offered to loan show boxes, drinkers and help with entries. During the summer, the club also had a "just for fun" show to encourage and help perspective exhibitors learn how to show their birds!

Lizard winner and Type 11 winner, Bill Jackson offered a special $50 cash prize for Best Novice Lizard but since it was unclaimed this year, he will continue to add to the prize for next year. In addition, Chryse Seeman offered a $25 cash prize for Best Novice in the Finch/Softbill Division. What a great way to encourage our novices!

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