Friday, November 27, 2009

Busy Saturday at the NCBS Show

The majority of club meetings are held on Saturday. At 7 am, I wanted to be three places, Central States Roller Association, North American Border Club, and the National Colorbred Association! I started with the roller meeting and evidently, I was too sleepy to get a photo. The meeting, conducted by David Bopp in the absence of the President George Traveria, was completely in a record 30 minutes so I was able to get to the two hour border meeting just 30 minutes late.

North American Border Club President Enrique Ponce conducted the meeting. One of the highlights was recognition of the Border Division Winners!

After discussing business, and selecting next years judge nominations, we paid club dues, sponsorships, ads, etc, and purchase bands. I bought 50 Border bands, now that is a real optimist!

At the border meeting, like most club meetings, the division judges addressed the group. Francois Steegmans from Belgium commented on the excellent quality of the borders he judges at our show.

The meeting concluded with the an opportunity for border novices to competitively bid for an excellent quality border donated by Paul Dee.

Along with the club meetings Saturday morning, Higgins Premium Pet Foods sponsored complimentary informative Avian Educational Seminars. Starting at 9 with Dr. Darrel Styles from Texas A & M University, then at 10 with Sandee L. Molenda speaking on Protecting Your Birds From Natural & Manmade Disasters and concluding at 11 with Daniel Maldonado speaking on Birds on the Internet!

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