Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wearing a Mask Well

Promising Molting Stafford Mosaic Young Cock Needs Some Grooming of Its Hair-like Head Projections

Whose Chick is This?

As I watch my young birds coming out of the molt, this guy has real potential. Seems like it got mom's color and dad's face mask! I really appreciate how his color is full and high above the beak. His mask has not been groomed, he just has a naturally very good mask!

It is not very obvious in the picture but you can see a few thin extra long hair-like projections around his head which make the head lines look a little fuzzy rather than distinct. Some of these projections can be seen against my index finger in the picture. Click directly on the picture for a better view!

The best way to see these hairy projections is to examine one of your own birds. Gently brush the head feathers forward with your finger and you will see a few of these longer thin hair-like projections which are longer then their feathers.

In September, when the molt is clearly finished, I will brush my birds head feathers forward and using manicure scissors, I will snip these stray hairy projections back in line with their feathers to give their heads a more distinct shape. I will also recheck show birds for these projections and trim as necessary before exhibitions.

Can anyone identify his parents? Congratulations Mike and Evon, see comments for the answer!!


Evon in WI said...

Looks like another "Shocker" to me.
Mom must be the bachorette?

Did this pairing produce any good crested birds with equally good coloring?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess that this one is a child of the male posted on 2/01/09, and the female posted on 1/31/09.


Linda Hogan said...

Way to Go Evon and Mike!!! This is an offspring of the Bachelorette Valentine's Day Contest!! She was posted on 1/31/09 followed by daily suiters with the bachelor winner being Shocker and the contest winner being Tom Ressel posted on Feb. 14th. He was right on!!

Have not checked on any other of their chicks but there were very few as Bachelorette is one tough cookie to work with. Perhaps this is a good time to tell my sad tell of my experiences with her!!