Friday, August 28, 2009

Being a Canary Jock Has Its Problems

Is There No Privacy?

The Camera Keeps Shooting Even When I Haven't Had a Chance to Dry Myself!

Seems Like Big Bird Is Stalking Me?

Is This What It Means To Have a Number One Fan?

What's a Paparazzi?

Is there no place I can hide?

And Another Thing, What Makes Big Bird Think That Making Me Stretch to Get the Bread, Will Teach Me to Stand Up on the Perch?

Well, This is So Fun, I Almost Forget that Big Bird is Shooting Again!

No Sympathy Here....

I am so good that I can land on top and rotate the Canary Ferris Wheel a Full Half Turn!

I can do it clockwise or counterclockwise! Sometimes I rotate it a quarter turn clockwise and then jump to a higher perch and rotate it a quarter turn counterclockwise!

And Even Stop It at the Bottom of the Rotation without bumping me off!! I can start it rotating again by pumping or by jumping to another perch!

At times, I rock the Canary Ferris Wheel Back and Forth Like A Regular Swing...

Oh Well, Guess It Is Just The Price I Have To Pay For Being Famous!! And Can You Believe I Have Only Had the Canary Ferris Wheel for a Week?


lsroller said...

Dear Linda,
I am a follower of your expertise and bought "Canary Tales" some years ago.I am very interested in the Ferris Wheel and would like to know where I can purchase one, OR can you supply me with the construction details and dimensions please. I live in South Australia, hence my username lsroller -Latitude South Roller

Linda Hogan said...

This one happens to fit in my larger cages and was made by Carol's husband. I posted that contact on a previous ferris wheel post.

The four long regular dowel perches measure 11 1/2 inches long and the two side perches measure eight inches long. This is secured into a solid piece. It is hung by a chain that measures 11 inches on each end. The chain attached loosely to another screw that extends out just a bit so that it allows the canary ferris wheel to rotate easily.