Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Healthy Canaries For Sale

As I was in Pets World today to buy some more swings and I could not resist taking a look at the three canaries which were for sale. I of course do not need anymore canaries, but who knows what one might find that they just can't do without!

As I admire the birds, I noticed just a seed cup and water yet these birds look very healthy without all those extras. They had been in the shop for a couple of months and were happily eating only a seed mix diet with water. Now seeds alone are deficient in a number of nutrients and just any seed mix would not produce those pip tails and glossy feet! (They are still just a little loose in the flanks but that should tighten up too when they finish the molt.)

Upon inquire, I learned they are fed the fortified seed mix prepared by Bird of Paradise from Wall's Seed store here in Wichita, Kansas 1-800-878-2473 or 316 263-0850. It is a special blend of seeds that are coated just right with wheat germ oil and a special vitamins preparation containing numerous amino acids. Wouldn't you know this was a favorite of mine a few years ago and I had forgotten just how good it is! It makes providing an excellent diet so easy. Wall's makes special blends upon request so I am going to have Nancy make me a special mix of just fortified canary seed to try just on my borders as I will be changing their seeds to straight canary in about a month or so in preparation for the shows.


Anonymous said...

Those canaries look like TImbrados!
I look at the birds at PetsMart. They don't have a clue as to what they are doing with the birds, but they are clean, fed well even with fruits and veggies.

Facilitator said...

I have just spoken to Nancy and ordered the special seed mix from Walls Seed. I am looking forward to receiving it next week.
I have several canaries the same color as the pale pink in the photo you used. What is that color called? Our chicks "arriving" in that color were a total surprise considering the parentage.

Linda Hogan said...


The peach color is a sign that the bird is a cross between a red factor (red ground) canary and a yellow ground canary. This gives the peachy color.

The seed mix that Nancy makes is fantastic. You will likely notice improvement even by the next day!