Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time For A Higher Carbohydrate Diet

Some Stafford canaries enjoying some spray millet with their slice of fresh soft bread.

Finishing the molt
As molting will be finished within the month, it is time to add still more carbohydrate to the diet. I have added some millet both spray and grey to the diet. The Borders are especially fond of the grey millet!

The spray millet is really more golden yellow than in the picture and was purchased from Herman Bros. Pet Products out of Marine City, Michigan 810-420-5055 (5 lbs for $13.00).

The grey millet is from Harrison's Bird Foods www.harrisonsbirdfoods.com.


Anonymous said...

What is the purpose and difference with the gray millet?
I've also heard of a green millet used in a custom seed mix, but have never seen it or known the difference.
Also, what purpose is the added carbs for the diet in finishing?

Linda Hogan said...


The carbs increasing encourages the birds to finish the molt and tighten up their feathers. I am thinking of photographing some of my molting birds as they are so tight already. Millet is mainly feed as a high carb low protein seed. Grey is the most nutritious of the millets. A like Harrison's Wild Bird Line as they are Organic and especially clean and glossy. I think it was $6 for 5lbs.

You may also need hemp with the rollers depending on how they develop. Most years I have used like three sprouted hemp seeds per bird daily once they are in the show cage. Last year, however, they were coming along so quickly I used no hemp but it is good to be ready should you need it. I also give sitting hens unlimited hemp as it helps keep them from losing weight and their incubation temperatures high as it is high protein and high fat.