Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canary Ferris Wheel

Canary Ferris Wheel designed and made by John Groenfelt (Carol's husband).

After reading my blog about the Acrobatic Academy Border Cage, Richard Rolloff sent me a link to his video YouTube of a Canary Ferris Wheel in his aviary. The Ferris Wheel turns very easily and requires a lot of balance to keep from being thrown off. I liked it so much that he got me one!!

I installed the Canary Ferris wheel in one section of the Border Cage along with the various swings.

It is easy now to get all four Border to perch on the swing with a simple hand command. As they perch they like to make the multi-hole swing move either back and forth or from side to side.

On command they all perched and watched as I installed the new Ferris Wheel. The one green border looking at us is especially good on all the swings and I just knew he would be first to give it a try.

Just as I suspected, the green border was the first to attempt the Ferris Wheel. What a shock for him that when you land it rotates and as it turns around it causes you to lose your balance and bumps you off.

So that first day the Borders just did touch down landings and quick flight to a more secure spot and spent most of their time in the swings.

On the second day, the green Border leader was able to land and spend a few seconds perching and kept increasing his time as he practiced balancing to prevent rotation.

By the third day, the Green Border leader could not only land and balance to prevent the wheel from rotating but he could walk the Ferris wheel perch without being bumped off!! While he did this difficult maneuver, the other three Borders were still practicing touch landings!

Finally the other green Border started making progress.

Second Border: OK, this landing is not too bad.

I can even stand up and steady myself today!

Oops! Well maybe after more practice!!

Be Sure and Check out the Comments to this blog for information on the youtube canary ferris wheel sites by Richard and Carol.


Anonymous said...

Howzit Linda,

I see your borders are looking really nice! I like the green one, and the colour looks great aswell! Welcome to my world.... lol


Anonymous said...

The ferris wheels can be seen in my flight and Carol's at:
Richard Rolloff

Carol said...

Hi Linda,
I'm so glad you like the Ferris wheel. The birds are so much fun to watch and they get so much exercise. It also keeps them busy so they don't pick on each other. I have a video on youtube:
"canaries on ferris wheel" and Richard has one called "Richard's Roost."

Carol said...

Hi Linda,

I'm delighted you like the Ferris wheel. If you want to see more birds in action, there are two videos on youtube:
"canaries on ferris wheel" and "Richard's Roost."

Take care,
Carol Groenevelt

Paul Cruise said...

I got a Ferris Wheel over a year ago and have it in my Flight Cage that has all my hens and 2009 unflighted birds.
I had one very aggressive hen who used to chase and try to attack another very docile hen.
The docile hen learned how to get rid of the bully hen. Ms. Docile would fly onto the bottom
(6 o'clock) perch and wait until her tormentrix would land along side her with menace on her mind. The docile hen would then jump to the 9 o'clock perch and when she was followed by the aggressive hen, she would continue jumping to the next perch until the wheel was spinning so fast, the tormentrix couldn't keep up. The former victim would then practice alone on spinning the wheel and could really get some speed going.
I've give a Ferris Wheel as a present and they make a wonderful gift. There is always something happening on the Ferris Wheel.
Charleston, South Carolina

Unknown said...

Hi Linda,

Could you please share your general food timeline for your canaries when in breeding season? For example, increase/start this specific food when the eggs are first laid or when the chicks are weaned?



Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

I wondered if the Ferris wheels are still being made. I got two a while ago for my canaries and they loved them so much I would like to share with my friends.

Thank you,