Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Quite Snow White

Molting Young Yellow Mosaic Lipochrome Hen

This young mosaic hen is snow white except for the areas around her face where she still shows her yellow baby feathers. As those face baby feathers are replaced she should look pretty nice and hopefully show quality.

She will need a little more exercise to slim her down a bit. Time to stop feeding her greens and sprouted black oil sunflower seeds as I don't want a dirty face and introduce her to the border cage. Then a few days before the show I will hand wash and trim the tip off her beak and surely she can get a 92 or at least 91 points!

If it works out, I will be showing her at the National Cage Bird Show in Tulsa. Have you made plans to attend our national? For details check out Love to see you there!!

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