Friday, August 7, 2009

Ring Full of Black Beauties

Growing Up Beautiful

This late nest continues to progress very well. Today, the late hatch bronze chicks are huddled close together as the exhaust fan is on and temperature was done to 60 degrees.

Yesterday during the day, the aviary was 95 degrees. When it is hot and the exhaust is stirring the air and drawing in a hot draft, the chick will spread out a bit so they are not touching. Interestingly, they always stay under the ring! It seems this is much better than when they are confined to a nest and you see their heads hanging over the nest with their mouths open.

Seems like momma bird knew what she was doing building this open nest on the floor!!

Comment three days later: The last few days I have been tied up with work and volunteering at a religious conference over the weekend, my husband agreed to feed the bronze hen for me in the afternoon each day. The first time, he could not find the babies even though I told him the cage number! Finally, he got a flashlight and only then was he able to locate these late bloomers!

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