Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beauty Marks Dress Up Mosaic Stafford Faces

This mosaic is striking with its dark hook beauty mark! The eye catching mark highlights the face and is so striking when you watch the bird hoop back and forth in the show cage! The mark keeps your attention focused on the beautiful head shape with its full back skull.

Love that dark hook with his developing mask! This ones hook is striking especially when he moves it calls attention to his full neck. The hook is a beautiful extension of his nice round crest!

What a face! The dark ring around the collar follows through clear around the neck and up till it covers his eyes. The markings call attention to his very full face and rounded head plus it gives it a jovial expression! Can't wait to have his face mask finished molting.

What a pretty artsy mark! This is so attractive when it moves and again calls attention to its great head which appears round when it is not in my hand!

Wow! This Stafford mosaic young cock has an especially attractive brown blush under his eyes! Not only is he always made up ready for a camera shot or a trip out to a bird show but also he sports a quite long round crest too!

Marks Can Make A Face

I have always loved variegated birds! That was one of my reasons for choosing Staffords where melanin pigments can make even a show bird more beautiful!

Staffords are enhanced by markings unlike colorbreds where slightly marked birds are only good for breeding better ground color but worthless on the show bench. When lipochrome colorbred are shown, points are seriously subtracted for any trace of melanin in clear birds.

Notice how the placement of the mark adds character and beauty to these young molting Staffords'! These birds melanic markings are beautiful and I am anxious for them to finish molting around their face and with the loss of baby feathers, the development of good red colored masks and while I am dreaming lets throw in good round long crests too!


Rich said...

Beautiful young birds, I can see why you got into raising Staffords. I also love varigation in my birds, it just seems to add so much to the bird's look. Thanks for sharing pics of your birds, it adds so much to the blog when you can see the acual bird. Rich

Anonymous said...

I love the markings too.
Do Stafford breeders aim for "technical marks" as the old-time Yorkshire Breeders ?

Linda Hogan said...

Staffords markings such as even markings on both wings adds to the beauty but we are currently focused on getting the crest round with a dark red color. Color points like the face or pencil line on the mosaics is still being worked out.