Thursday, January 27, 2011

Young Border Hens Enjoy Good Eats - Mustard Greens

Each day during the breeding preparation phase, I like to feed a variety of fresh greens. This week I have fed sprouted mung beans, kale, spinach, romaine, turnip greens, cabbage and today it is mustard greens. Thawed frozen peas and corn also frequently rotate onto the menu. Once greens are available outside, I will feed lots of chickweed and dandelion.


Anonymous said...

I never tier of seeing pics of your borders Linda, can we have some more!

Linda Hogan said...

The birds especially like the mustard greens! If you haven't tried mustard greens, do so.. Here the cost of a large bunch is 99 cents and considerable less than broccoli which is getting very pricey here...

I spend a lot of time admiring my borders and glad you like them too!

Evon in WI said...

Great getting the information about
others feeding the variety of greens and other veggies.

My question;

Do you think it is still necessary to feed the bird vitamins, when they are receiving a variety of vitamins & mineral from "natural" foods.
Is it possible to over-feed vitamins and minerals?

I miss the farmers markets!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Did you never mention greens in preparation of the breeding season were too much carbs and it was better not to give too much to postpone laying eggs?

Linda Hogan said...

The best preparation for breeding is high carb and high protein. Early, I use carbs to bring birds out of molt and add weight as necessary as birds that are too thin will not come into breeding condition.
Next phase is add greens daily as a mimic of what occurs in nature saying adequate nutrients are available and with the beans I am also starting more protein breeding time is coming.
In the next phase, I will give extra vitamin E will write about that in one of my very next posts as that will be this week for me.
At the same time I will be adding border veggies with breedmax which is high in amino acids.
In three weeks, if the hens have brood patches and cocks are in breeding condition I will give hens some vitamin E and turn up the light when they appear ready.

Linda Hogan said...

Birds needs for extra vitamins and minerals vary with the kind of canary. Borders have a phenomenal high need, likely due to the breed development on generations of borders. It is my opinion, that glosters are right behind borders in their vitamin/mineral needs.
The main overdose to be concerned with is vitamin E. The right amount works wonders but overdosing destroys a breeding season. Will be writing soon on ways to provide vitamin E.
So how do I know if my birds are getting enough? Watch the tail width, it should be narrow like a pencil and watch the effect of things you add to the diet on the overall health.
I had a call this morning from John, a gloster breeder, who changed his birds to L'Avian Plus Canary Mix and was surprised that he could see the tails narrowing only one day after he started feeding the new seed mix. This is what you look for to answer the question, are my birds getting enough nutrients.
If your birds tails are as narrow as a pencil, feathers tight, active and in full condition, you are doing the very best for them.

Evon in WI said...

Tight tails,brood patches,dancing & singing EXCITEMENT.

Linda, Just passing along a BIG THANK YOU for the vitamin and mineral information.

Don said...

Hi Linda:
I enjoyed looking at your pics of your border canary's, And asking the best place to buy the mustard
greens. Also are multi vitamins
good source for my canaries.