Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Weeks Questions For Big Bird

Family Portrait!!
My Extended Jayhawk Family

Saturday turned out to be a real bummer!! Friday night, Thomas Robinson, pictured, got the call that his 37 year old mother died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Thomas and his 9 year old sister are parent less at such an early age... The game started with a moment of silence for her. After a short burst, the gloom followed the team to a loss.

Upon arrival home, I was just in time to see the 3rd overtime finish of the Wichita State Shockers and Indiana State. This time my team won! Keep It Up Shocks!!
Sunday E-mail

May writes:

In the 70s, we had a couple of pairs of canaries who bred
successfully back in California.

My husband just bought a beautiful pair of Timbrados. I have
them in a breeding cage. We haven't got a lot of light in the
living room where they are. There is a window nearby but it's
not a bright space since we have a covered porch on the west
side and huge oaks which shade the back of the house. We were
thinking of getting a flight cage for more. We would like to
use LED illumination. Would you go to warm or cool lighting
for them?

The male displayed for the first time tonight after dinner
and the"talk"between them is different. They are separated
by hardware cloth.

We do not have the preferred 13 or so hours of light, but
we are near Panama City, FL, in the panhandle. Is it too
early to remove the separator? We had ordered supplies from
Bird Supply of New Hampshire and were told by an employee to
put a nest and fiber in, which we did yesterday. Feeding Abba
Green 92 as well, to both.

They are being fed a good, fresh diet and premium seed. We
plan on getting another pair soon.


Sounds like you are coming down with bird fever which all
of us reading this blog have too!

Hours of daylight is the most important factor in breeding

I use full spectrum lights but at this point you might just
get a timer and use a table or floor light to control the
hours of day light. Set it on 14 hours at a time you are
willing to get up to give the hen fresh soft food to feed
her chicks. don't forget to consider daylight savings time.

Test the pair readiness by putting a wire partition
between them. Give soft food to the male and see if the
hen will beg him to feed her through the wire.

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