Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Looking German Roller

This saddle backed marked German Roller is one of my favorite birds.

He always gets a generous corner of soft white bread. His bread fits nicely between his rape dish and water dish in the front of his show cage.

Kale has been particularly good at the market and reasonable priced at 99 cents a bunch.

He sometimes leans down and gets a bite of kale. At times, he picks it up and holds it on his perch for an easier bite.

Other times, he stands on it!

Note how his vent "cock" feathers are hanging down, indicating he is moving along toward breeding season.

As I write this, my husband Pat is stirring these veggies to go in a big dish of Shrimp Paella.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful markings, as if wisp of paintbrush left them there. Those are always my favorite markings.

Nice birds. This time of year - they start to develop different personalities for courting the girls !

Can Pat travel with his pots & pans? We area tired of Campbells Soup ?