Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolution - Eat Your Veggies

Like other breeders, I like to mix up fresh veggies for my birds. This morning, I processed two carrots in the food processor added a bunch of broccoli and processed and then some fresh cabbage. Once fine, I added a couple of cups of Petamine Breeding formula. The birds love fresh veggies!

These are some of my young German Roller hens enjoying the fresh veggie mix. Here I have used some of the lids from the oatmeal containers for extra serving dishes.


Anonymous said...

Ah Linda ! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe that included some cabbage. I had always thought it was not good to feed birds. Looking at the dark leaves on my New Year's Day cabbage, I thought, why not? They were dark and definitely not too watery. I'm going to try your mix today. (I used collard greens for their NYDay meal) I suppose the birds need their luck and greenbacks too !
Hope you have a great and blessed New Year.

Linda Hogan said...

Does not seem to matter what the veggie combination is, birds love it and waste is eliminated. I like to put in cauliflower but was out of it at the moment..

Sometimes I feed cabbage leaves straight off the head.

In our area, broccoli is really expensive this year. It is also prone to bugs and I would imagine that they use lots of pesticides on it as you never find a bug unless it is locally grown. So I find I am substituting more veggie variety and the Borders in particular love all their veggies!

Evon in WI said...

Nice to see other breeders using veggie blends for the birds.

I have used collard greens, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower,
zuchina, sweet potatoes, peas and corn alone or in different combinations. The birds love the carrots BUT I only feed carrots to my red ground birds.

When I fed carrots to the yellow ground birds they picked up too much color for the show bench.
A no no for the fifes and yellow birds.