Sunday, January 16, 2011

Enough Is Enough - Big Bird Calls A Time Out

When I looked over my birds this morning, what looked like a young Stafford male having a bad hair day was really a crest plucked and scalp damaged and bleeding. Some fighting over territory is beneficial as it brings males into breeding condition, but drawing blood is totally not acceptable.

Enough is Enough. This behavior will not be tolerated, if they keep it up, the victim may die.

It's Time for Big Bird To Call A Super Nanny Time Out!

When you have obvious picking or blood, it is best to isolate the victim bird to prevent any further damage.

Further examination revealed that he is also lagging behind in his vent development and his breast bone and his pelvic bones are both sharp. Looks like he was not getting his share of food too, he is too thin to come into breeding condition.

Putting a little weight on him will bring him into breeding condition. Extra fresh white bread, oatmeal and some sunflower pieces in addition to his regular diet should do the trick. Just like us, he will gain weight on extra carbohydrates with extra fat calories!

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