Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Youth Exhibitor Austin Johnson

Many of you will remember youth exhibitor Austin Johnson as he whizzed around in his chair at local and national bird shows. Some may have seen him at the national banquet proudly wearing a bronze youth medallion he had won. Austin birds include a Lutino Peachfaced and a Green Lovebird and a number of Zebra and Pearl Finches.

Always with a quick and ready smile, Austin loved birds, animals and all creatures. His dog Bella, who jumped in his lap and licked at his face, welcome his taking her outside, a condition for having a dog, which he accomplished by having his Mother Cheryl or Father Doyle fasten the leach to his chair .

Diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at an early age and spending his life depending on others for his care, he remained always smiling and cheerful and enjoyed life to its fullest especially going fishing with his Dad and playing robotics with his school mates.

Austin, 16 years old, passed on January 7th. I will always remember a few years ago when Cheryl shared with me that Austin had said to her: "Don't worry mom, someday I am going to RUN with the angels!"

Please keep Austin and his family who loved him so very much in your thoughts and prayers. In lieu of flowers, the family has established a memorial for the Haysville Robotics Club. In order for the money to go directly to the club rather than the school general fund, one check must be presented to club. To facilitate this, memorial checks should be made out to Doyle Johnson and sent to him at 5111 S. Meridian #268, Wichita, Kansas 67217.

Services will be held at St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Haysville at 11 am Friday. Condolences can be e-mail to Doyle and Cheryl at yob10@cox.net.

Austin's photo above was taken on the road to the National Cage Bird Show in Tulsa.


Rich said...

It is truly a sad time for all those who knew this amazing young man. I feel blessed to have been able to spend a small amount of time with him at the Nationals in Chicago and Tulsa. He truly was special person. Linda if you could please send me Doyle and Cheryl's address in a private email I would like to send them a card. Rich

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Life is so cruel sometimes.

Dian Clark said...

Austin was truly an exceptional young man and Cheryl and Buster gave him a loving home. He was taken far too soon and will be terribly missed. Our thoughts are prayers are with the family.