Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chasing The Dou Dou Mournful Sound Of The Dove

My family is sure that I have really lost it now! The other day, over the loud singing of the Borders, Staffords, and Colorbred of the couple hundred birds in my aviary, I distinctly heard the beautiful deep dou dou dou sound like a mournful dove. Again dou dou dou, enough to take my breath and then nothing more... Who sang that??

Now the quest began, the beautiful sound is stuck in my head, I absolutely must find that bird. In search, I frantically began caging up German Rollers and bringing a few (they think it is a lot) of birds into the kitchen and listening to them for 30 minute sessions, in hopes of finding that one bird which I heard!

It has been a week now and I have found some good birds, birds that have gotten much better then I realized since show season and Christmas caroling but alas no dou dou dou...

My family thinks I need a break from this Impossible Dream Like Journey and so we all off this weekend to Lawrence Kansas to See the Jayhawks play basketball. Go Hawks!!


Anonymous said...

Truly Linda Hogan is a woman in a million.
All bird fancier wive's and girlfriends please NOTE the birds and cages on the kitchen table.
Without a hint of rancour or disagreement in the household!!

If only more women were like LINDA HOGAN!!!

Evon in CHILLY WI said...

NO, you have not lost it but time away from the aviary will allow time for the bird to "Hone" in his special skill.
Hope you enjoy the basketball ball game. Here in WI we are all excited about the "possibility" of the Packer team returning to the SuperBowl.
I have always enjoyed to sounds of the mournful Doves. We are currently feeding about 10/15 mourning doves thru the chilly (currently-4)winter. In the Spring we will be rewarded with the special cooing sound... that deep dou dou dou sound.
You are very lucky to have that "special sound" in your aviary. Good Luck in finding that truly special canary.

Linda Hogan said...

I am lucky indeed! Although so far, I have no bird people in my family, they all tolerate me and the birds!!

Yes, I just cleared away the breakfast dishes, put some newspaper down, carried 10 German Rollers into the kitchen in three stacks and set down with a cuppa of PG Tips tea with milk and listened to my birds! After 30 minutes, its back in the aviary.

Never any problem on these short times but at one time, before the aviary, I had a bedroom full of birds from floor to ceiling! they definitely do not want me moving birds into the house permanently but during roller song competition I did manage to have them about three weeks in my bedroom. Daily, I was quizzed about when was I going to get those birds out of the house.
If it were up to me, I would wake every morning to hearing my rollers sing!!

Most bird people have family that just tolerate the habit and consider it better than gambling and drinking etc. If you have a family that enjoys it to the same degree you do, you are very blessed!!