Monday, June 22, 2009

How Can I Get Beautiful Birds?

Opportunities to Purchase High Quality Breeding Stock

High quality stock is readily available but you need to know where to find it! A great place to begin is by checking out the National Cage Bird Show web site and the affiliated clubs web sites listed at the ncbs web site.

Next you need to identify and get to know the breeders who have show quality birds. The best way to do this is by joining the various speciality clubs. There is a wealth of information regarding the breed available through the speciality clubs including the standard and special breeding tips that appear in the speciality club newsletters.

Join local bird clubs in your area, attend club meetings, and make plans now to exhibit and assist with putting on any local shows. When you steward or ribbon tie or even check in birds, you have a first hand look at the birds. More experienced breeders and judges welcome questions after the judging.

I will be judging a number of shows this year starting with Houston (type canaries)October 10th, then Minneapolis/St.Paul (type and color), Seattle (type and color), Modesto California (type), Hamilton Roller Show - Canada, Lou Abbott Roller Show, and finally Oakland Roller Show in California. I will also be attending the National Cage Bird Show, Nov. 19 - 21 st in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Join the National and support your Show of Shows. I would love to meet you and talk birds at any or better yet at several of the shows!

Birds are for sale at any of the shows but an especially large selection is available at the National Cage Bird Show in Tulsa. A sale room is open during the show.In addition, many of the speciality clubs have silent auctions at their scheduled club meetings. Friday night even features an auction of the birds raised by last years Higgins Winners. Some birds are also for sale from the show benches on Saturday and can be picked up from the breeder after their birds are checked out on Saturday night following the banquet.

When you purchase birds, select related stock that compliment each other and make sure that both birds in the pairing do not share the same fault but rather each offsets the others weakness.

Although it is a thrill to buy a beautiful bird that is nothing compared to the joy of breeding a beautiful bird!!

See you at the Shows!!

For information on the shows contact:

Oct 10 Houston, Dorothy Eggers 281 487-1321

Oct 17 Minneapolis/St. Paul, Mike Nicholas 612 287-9306

Oct 24 Seattle, Coleen 425 743-5025

Oct 31 Modesto, California, Chris Seeman 209 838-2466

Nov 7 Hamilton Roller Show Canada, Peter Jaehrling 613 476-2553

Nov 19 -21 National Cage Bird Show, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dec. 5 Lou Abbott Roller Show, Robert Wild 630 985-4416

Dec 12 Oakland Roller Show, Steve Billmire 510 449-3881


Anonymous said...

Hello Linda, when will you be in Hamilton? Thank you, Taline

Linda Hogan said...

Hi Taline:

Give Peter a call and he will know the details. Look forward to seeing you there!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Me too!