Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday is Bird Shopping Day

For only four dollars, I filled my huge bird shopping bag full of Collard Greens and Swiss Chard.

Good News: Collards Greens is a Nutritious Bird Food.

These Collard Greens are grown by a local farmer whose booth is called Healthier You! Wonder if she would consider changing her sign to Healthier You and Your Birds?

This German Roller, like his siblings, loves Collard Greens!

Gator Heat is Feeding Collard Greens to his last two chicks in the nest.

Collard Greens, the New Green this Saturday

What a generous bunch of pesticide free collard greens I purchased from the farmer! Sometimes, I cut the bottom stems and let it sit in water for a bit before feeding but with so many greens, I just took it straight to the aviary.

With enough collard greens for every cage, I quickly distributed it and watched the birds heartily eat it.

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