Thursday, June 25, 2009

Going for Greens - Cabbage

Even Newly Weaned Canaries Readily Eat Cabbage

Local Farmer's Markets provide a number of greens that canaries relish. At Wednesdays Farmer's Market, I purchased this lovely head of locally grown pesticide free cabbage.

Even the Border Chicks that I weaned a couple of weeks ago readily nibbled bites of cabbage. Like so many greens, they like to perch on the cabbage while they eat it!

Saturday is another Farmer's Market. I look forward to doing a little Bird Shopping and offerings my finds to my birds!! I like to spend a few minutes visiting with the farmer to determine if their items are pesticide free. It is good when you find a few live bugs on the produce, if its safe for bugs its safe to eat, what a free biological safety check!!

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