Thursday, November 28, 2013

More Favorites NCBS 2013

Best Irish Fancy Exhibited by Jim Sillers DVM

Best Hartz Topknot Exhibited by Robert Wild

 Best Buff Variegated Parisian Frill Exhibited by M Kouhkan

 Best Gloster Corona Exhibited by Charles Long

Fife Exhibited by Arthur Mederios

 Best Gibber

 Stafford Crested Exhibited by Jan Davie

Best Red Mosaic Exhibited by Carmelo Taibi

Best Recessive White Exhibited by K Etemado

Best Bronze Exhibited by Claudio Gatto

 Best Cobalt Exhibited by Biers and Cromwell

Best Greywing Exhibited by Biers and Cromwell

 Best Columbus Fancy Crest Exhibited by Ray Mena

 Best Columbus Smoothhead Exhibited by Ray Mena

Best Southern Frill Exhibited by Rudy Yeganeh

Best Lizard Exhibited by Jerry Noble

Best Norwich Exhibited by Ray Mena
 Best Scot Fancy Exhibited by Robert Wild

 Dacni cock Exhibited by Andrew and Rebecca

Debbie Eaton was awarded the NCBS Service Recognition Award!

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Anonymous said...

Show photos are fabulous!

Question, in preparation for breeding, some of my hens are so obese, they lay on the perch. They can fly, but choose to be lazy. The bellies drag the floor! I have them on seed and pellets, have cut out extras. What can I do to bring them into more breeding fitness. Cage is 4 ft. long, 18 inches high and deep.

Thought making them work to get to their food would help-but it has not ! HELP!