Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Border Beautties - 2013 National Cage Bird Show

Beautiful Best Border Exhibited by Luis Belchior

Second place Exhibited by Luis Belchior

 This third place bird, also exhibited by Luis Belchior was one of my favorites!

Brian Johannson from Canada admired this lovely Border.

 My best Border that I exhibited took 3rd place in class! Of course, I proudly showed him to many Border exhibitors!

Several members offered me tips. Luis pointed out my wing carriage would be better if he wasn't so fat! Another member shared a training tip he originally got from Paul Dee that to make him stand better and show thigh, dip a short string in honey and hang in the middle of the show cage to train him to stand up better and show thigh!

Border Judge Paul Huyghe from Belgium, addressed the North American Border Club.

 Border Club President Tom Lauber

Paul Dee and Luis and others talk Borders in the show hall.

Luis's Phone Photos

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Evon in WI said...

Thank you for the up[dates from the National competition. Looks like the border exhibitors had some excellent birds competing. Did you show your Stafford's? Can you give us an update on those birds? Any Pics of the winners?