Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Near Perfect Red Factor Frost - 94 Points at Brampton Show 1st Place

Colorbred Judges: Freddy van Hauwermeiren, Belgium and Dominik Adams, Belgium

Note the depth of color and evenness even in the face, he is absolutely perfectly colored! Top that with phenomenal evenness of frost throughout the bird especially notice the frosting across and down in the breast and how the frost starts on the head directly above the eye! Also note the excellent coloring in the wings and tail which is particularly difficult in frost birds because of the usual wider and longer feathers. I have judged a number of red frost lipochrome but this bird is the best Red Frost I have ever seen!! In my head, I keep a file of the best and now this bird is with me always!

1st Place Lipochrome  Red Frost - 94 points - Exhibited by Arturi & Ramundi

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Anonymous said...

In am writing from Melbourne. I have never seen such good colour.
Can you provide some hints. My. Colour has never been so bright and even.