Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2013 Lone Star New Color Winners

 1st Place New Color Melanin - Brown Pastel Mosaic Male Exhibited by Oscar Roque

2nd Place White Satinette and Best Novice Exhibited by Javier Martinez

3rd Place Agate Yellow Opal Exhibited by Javier Martinez Notice the dark coloring on the underside of the tail compared to the top that identifies it as an opal.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Linda for your beautiful presentation and photo gallery of many exceptional canaries. For example, the Isabel Cobalt at the 18th Colorbred Show & Red Intensive Lipochrome, scoring 94 pts. bred by Arturi & Ramundi. The Brown Pastel Mosaic Male bred by Oscar Roque, Luis Belchior Yel/Grn, Best Border @ National; but the victorious Natl.Scannel Red Intensive Lipochrome bred by our
good friends, Nora & Robert Trincado ... is the Best Colorbred
Canary I've seen in over thirty years of breeding, benching, and judging canaries. Wow! Thank you for sharing Dr. Max Saedi's presentation on "The Master of Beauty & Feather", the Parisian Frill; thank you Dr. Saedi.

Carol Whelan, of San Diego, Ca., presenting to you, the "Linda Hogan Doll", created by Carol, was a very special touch, by a lovely lady to another lovely lady, Linda Hogan; thank you Linda for all you continue to do to promote our beautiful fancy. Yours In The Fancy, Ralph Tepedino