Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Isabel Cobalt Exhibited in Canda at 18th Annual Colorbred Show in Brampton

This whole row of colorbred canaries are various kinds of Cobalt! There were 41 Cobalt exhibited!

When Rado Pagac, President of COM Canada, saw me admiring the Cobalt, he graciously pointed out a truly special bird.

Gorgeous Isabel Cobalt!

Because it was his bird, he gently took it out of cage and gave me a better look! Like other cobalt, pigmentation goes clear to the vent.

Note the nice pigmentation in the wind and tail feathers!

Great striations on the back too! Thanks So Much Rado!

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Evon in WI said...

Linda, thank you for the pics from the shows. Wonderful additions to your blog. From the shows we can see the cobalt is the"new high"for canaries. Many think the cobalt canary is a red ground bird similar to the bronze. Can you explain more about the cobalt gene and how the Isabel cobalt could have been bred. Thank you for sharing. Check your email please.