Thursday, January 12, 2012

Natural Approach To Avian Insect Control

If you have ever experienced an infestation with this weevil, you have my sympathy. This weevil commonly hatches out of household products such as cornmeal and in the house all that is necessary is find the source and get rid of it, not an easy task in the aviary. I have no idea still what it hatched out of.

These little monsters are about the length of thistle seed but wider, shown crawling on a wooden cage perch, they love hot weather and hate cold weather. I thought perhaps that pest strips would get them but even though they can fly, it was not effective.

Diatomaceous earth is non-toxic to animals and humans and environmentally safe and contains no chemical pesticides. The fine silicate particles destroy the insects waxy cuticle resulting in loss of moisture and death. This seems to be working but I look forward to seeing no more weevils ever!

If you use wood shavings it can be added to them. It is also reported that it is effective against mites and lice.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
I do not think you must despair as far as the beatle is concerned.It seems to be the meal worm beatle just take couple(few) and put them into some bran meal and see what happens.Feed them with wedges of apple every day .The apple is fed on and keeps the bran moist.In a while you could have a colony of meal worms.