Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Weeks Questions and Tips For Big Bird


1. Your blog has so many ideas that it makes me tired to think about implementing them. If you could add just one food what would it be?

Answer: I would chose Quinoa because it has the most effect on improving the birds health of anything I have fed. For years i have put cooked quinoa in my nestling food but I was totally amazed when I fed just cooked quinoa as the main ingredient with broccoli and bee pollen or poppy seed. Just a few days and the birds condition improves even when you think it is already very good.

Thursday Question:

1. My hens that I just purchased are duds, they are eating their eggs!

Answer: Hens are great recyclers, they often eat thin shelled eggs that break as she sits on them. Make sure to provide Calcium, D3 and Magnesium, a great product is sold by Avitech.

Preparation for egg laying starts several months before breeding season but you can catch up with the Avitech Product. Sometimes they eat eggs because they are infertile and in that case they push them out of the nest and then eat them when they break on the floor.

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AJoyfulNoise said...

I was wondering since you mentioned that some hens will eat the shells of an egg if it is soft and cracks when they sit on it...what was the Avitech product you were talking about. I have two hens, each laid 4 eggs and now each have 3. I can not see any evidence of the 4th egg, so can only assume they ate it?? But my other hens seem to be doing okay with their eggs. I provide mineral grit (ABBA) and cuttlebone in their cages and always sprinkle on extra calcium on their greens. Is this product that you mention something that will help these hens? They are both first year hens, but so are others that are doing okay. Should I provide this to all my hens? I just don't know what to do. I have your book, but can't find any reference to this. What do you think?