Friday, January 13, 2012

Chirpy Chum Deb Eaton Shares Recipe

Great profile of Debbie!

Debbie writes:

I've been making a cheap food for my birds since I had no eggfood. They eat every tiny bite.

It is cheap wheat bread (1.00 loaf) a couple of mustard green leaves from my flower bed (or rape plant volunteers), a scoop of vitamin mineral powder and a small scoop of their daily pellets. I also buy large bags of organic carrots for my kitchen and sometimes use 1 or 2 carrots. Throw it all in the food processor and process until tiny bite-size pieces. When I use carrots, I process them first, then throw in the bread, etc.

This is something I've noticed on my birds. I bought a couple of Scots here that originally came from Mac. They had been hauled around to several bird marts, etc. and were looking a little rough.

I use pellets for 50% of my birds diet - usually ZuPreem Fruit, sometimes mix with egg food, but no eggfood this fall, just pellets. I bought Mazuri Breeder Pellets, some Pretty Bird Daily Select and mixed all 3 together - mostly because of my softbills, but decided oh well -feed it to all the birds.

With the little bit of wheat bread/greens mix and the pellets and fresh seed mix, within 10 days of buying the Scots - they had slicked down and tightened up considerably. Very noticeable. So much - I even asked Lisa to look at them and tell me what she thought had done it. She thought my box cages, and diet was the key. The poop on my birds has never been tighter and as dry as it is now. Sort of like when you take you dogs off of grocery store dog food and put them on Science Diet, you can just tell the waste is smaller and the food utilized.

We had a vet speak to our club Sunday, and her most important observation regarding illness in cage birds had to do with improper diet. I so agree.

Thanks so much Deb, I value your friendship very much!


Anonymous said...

Oh My Linda,

You couldn't get the Irish Fancy so you got a pair of crooked birds. Be careful, they will grow on you!

You better order some OV bands.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Do I understand this right?
You give your canaries a mix of 50% seed mix and 50% pellet mix?

Linda Hogan said...

Debbie is using the 50/50 mix of seed and pellets. I am using 75/25 seed to pellets approximately.

Robert now thats an idea!! Unfortunately, those are Debbie's birds!