Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shaving the Bird Food Bill

German Rollers eating Purina Flock Raiser immediately after putting it in their cage.

Non-medicated, nutritious and 20% protein makes this a great time to add flock raiser to your birds diet. Although higher priced than last year, it cost about $20 for 50 lbs.

Flock Raiser is crumbles are easy to eat. I feed it plain and also cut my regular seed mix by about 1/4 with it.

Another trick I have been using is processing green stems for the birds rather than wasting them in the cages. Here some collard green and bok choy stems are ready for processing. Yesterday, it was spinach stems. Processing broccoli also saves waste as the stems are totally eaten just like the heads.

Once processed it is ready to add to a conditioning mix. If it is too wet drain away the excess and add extra dry ingredients such as CeDe, Protein 25, or Petamine Breeding Formula. Adding petamine to a mix cuts the waste as birds like to pick the seeds out and eat little of the nutritious powder.

Poor Lucca, anyone know what this it?


Luis Rodriguez (Texas) said...

Its a Kong chew toy!! LOL Poor boy good luck geting it back..

Anonymous said...

Looks like a squirrel managed to get ahold of Lucca's kong toy! Those squirrels are sneaky devils.

poodleguy said...

Looks like the little bandit stole Lucca's Kong toy - maybe he found a little snack inside...?

Anonymous said...

It looks like Lucca's Kong. Must have been loaded with peanut butter!

Anonymous said...

The evil squirrel has stolen Luca's Kong toy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
It looks like Luccas Kong was "borrowed" by a squirrel! I hope he returns it after he is finished with the goodies inside.

Anonymous said...


I have used this product since you first mentioned it, it is also part of my nestling food mix birds love it.


Anonymous said...

Not related to current posts - but I have a question: what is the cause of smaller than normal canary eggs, not just one - the entire clutch. Are they in need of protein, mineral etc?

Linda Hogan said...

Wow, Great response. The squirrel did drop the Kong but did some serious damage to it!

Linda Hogan said...

Small eggs for the entire clutch can either be eggs without yolks or more likely since all eggs are small it is genetic and of no consequence. The hen just puts less albumin (white) in her eggs.

I have had a bronze do that. Chicks hatched fine and caught up to normal size quickly.