Friday, June 27, 2014

Molting Time - Offer More Seeds and Greens

 My Borders love greens and this young male is enjoying fresh kale from my garden. The dish on the right is BioDecken Novafood, a complete food with only 14% protein. Novafood is offered free choice and they clean up their dish everyday. Novafood is available from Ricardo Sanchez at or 214 998-7474.

This kale leaf will be totally eaten, made a little stem left, but that is it! Yellow ground birds get all the dark greens they care to eat daily!

 Another young Border male has green all over its beak!

 Blattner Siskin & Finch Seed

 Finally, we can again get Blattner Siskin & Finch Seed in the US. I just got an order from Bird Supply of New Hampshire. They also have CeDe Nestling Food. I inquired about CeDe Handrearing Formula that I use for weaning and feed twice a week to young birds through the molt. They checked and they can get it from their distributor!

ABBA Products soak seed is feed at least once a day and quickly eaten! They take vacation from June 30 to July 9th.

Today, I will place an order for Higgins Song Food and begin offering it too. I like to feed a variety now during the molt but will work toward mostly canary seed after the molt for show season.

I buy poppy seeds in 5 lb package from Natural of Course, Health Food Store in Wichita. It is added generously to cooked quinoa, cous cous and oil olive mix.

These young Columbus Fancy are alternating between the Blattner's seed and Abba soak seed!

Last weekend we held the annual family reunion of my family in Hamilton Kansas. Hamilton is about 80 miles from Wichita. While there, I drove out to check one of my pastures and was totally impressed with the quality of the grass. This one is 160 acres and we call it the South pasture. It was part of the 3000 acres homesteaded by my grandfather around 1880. My father was the last of his twelve children! The pastures have never been cultivated and at the foot of the famous Flint Hills. Cattle from Texas are sent up to fatten on our bluestem grass and leave around the first of August. When the cattle lay down, only the tops of their heads are visible!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, and what a treasure to have for your family.

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Nice and a beautiful place.