Monday, June 9, 2014

Feeding Weaned Chicks Part 2 Featuring Columbus Fancy Chicks

 These Columbus Fancy chicks have just graduated from a weaning cage where they spent time eating sitting on the floor,  to a small flight where they have the option of perching. Since canaries like to perch on the highest perch, I often use a cage with no perches to get them started eating well on their own. Marginally weaned chicks, when placed immediately in a flight will fly to the highest perch and just sit there and cry hoping to be fed rather than feeding on the available food below them on the floor.

Chinese celery cabbage is a good starter green as it stays crisp for a long time and they will nibble on it most of the day.

 Handrearing Formula by CeDe (African grey parrot on box cover) or BioDecken Neonate handfeeding formula are fed dry and are eaten almost immediately as they are white/slightly yellow in color. They are also excellent to have available dry in the cage for parents feeding babies.

Soaked or Sprouted seed is more nutritious and easy for youngsters at eat.

Columbus Fancy weaning chicks enjoy some sprouted seed. My favorite mix for sprouting or feeding as soaked seed is ABBA Products soaked seed mix.

Hulled hemp from Canada are also good starter feeds as they do not need to be shelled.

They also like wheat germ and bee pollen. I give them lots of variety and include some total nutrition products such as BioDecken Novafood and Roudybush pellets.

My running in and out of the aviary has led to unwanted flies getting in. This pantry or flour moth trap is an easy way to rid the aviary of flies! Often I prop them up in the window as flies will come to light.

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