Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Greening Up The Aviary

I Love this time of year when our elevated bed gardens are full of greens for the birds!

The birds love the outer leaves from cabbage plants as wells as the leaves from broccoli plants and beet greens. They even eat carrot greens and radish greens.  Soon I will be splitting jalapeno peppers for them.

These collard greens from Saturday's Farmers Market are a little limp so I am refreshing them by submerging them in ice water before feeding. This makes them crisp again. I also bought them locally grown baby bok choy and Chinese celery cabbage.

Our Swiss Chard is very lovely and by picking outer leaves, it keeps producing more bird food.

 Big Bird enjoys some garden basil and asparagus.


Anonymous said...

What refreshing pictures after the breeding season.


Anonymous said...

Love your rock garden beds!

I too am having thinner chicks on the larger breed babies. Feeding lots of bread along with daily diet too to put weight on them. Still this year is different. Most clutches are 4 eggs, 2 fertile, etc. Oh well, at least I have babies!