Friday, June 6, 2014

Feeding Young Chicks Part 1

Two young Borders and a young Columbus Fancy on the right. Borders seem to be very protein sensitive so it is important to feed weaned chicks more other foods and less egg containing nestling food. Too much hard boiled egg makes it hard to fatten thin chicks or all varieties to a normal weight.

This morning I took outer dark green cabbage leaves and kale and processed them in the food processor.  The processed greens were added to cooled cous cous with poppy seeds and olive oil. To prepare cous cous I just add some olive oil to dry cous cous with poppy seeds and cover it generously with hot water leaving initially about 1/8 inch hot water above the cous cous. Stir occasionally and cool to room temperature.

This is also time to start Biodecken Molt in the water. This improves feather quality and helps prevent feather lumps in varieties prone to lumps.

Available from Ricardo Sanchez, or 214 998-7474.

While out gathering greens for the birds, Lucca is demanding I play football!

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