Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Moving Along Toward Breeding Condition

 Although this German Roller hen is three years old, she is moving along nicely toward breeding condition. Hens start out carrying small pieces but after several weeks now of carrying small amounts of paper, they are moving up to almost unmanageable long strips which she places in seed dishes.

Time to add a little more wheat products to the diet. This is a mixture of cous cous with olive oil and poppy seed, quinoa, broccoli, and whole edamame (soybeans in pod).

Moving Toward Breeding Conditioning Softfood Recipe:

Two cups cous cous, add olive oil and poppy seed and cover with hot tap water. Use enough  water to leave about 1/2 water above cous cous. Set aside and let the water absorb.

Rinse two cups of quinoa and place in a pan with 4 cups of water. Cook under low heat till water barely covers the quinoa. Turn off stove and let it set to absorb the rest of the water.

Process fresh or thawed frozen broccoli and set aside. Process thawed whole pod edamame and add to broccoli. Add small amount of dry nestling food to make it fluffy. (I use BioDecken Novafood.)

When cous cous and quinoa are cool mix them together and add broccoli and edamame. A couple times a week I add amino acid Miracle vitamins (ABBA AAMiracle from Italy) starting with 1 teaspoon to a recipe and moving up as needed to 1 tablespoon for four cups depending on their development.

All my birds immediately love it as shown by this Border male.

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