Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ever Have Bird Fever?

Luckily even with Flu all around me, I have escaped it so far. But I caught Bird Fever a number of years ago, my husband refers to the time before I caught Bird Fever as BC (before canaries), and I just never ever get over it. Yes, I should have plenty of birds but when I see something special, I just got to have more birds! Even adding more birds just eases it a bit but I never recover!

After hearing Almin's German Roller Dentler (Germany) line at the Northwest, I just had to have that tone.

So he graciously shared a cock and two hens with me and shipped them via Delta to me in Wichita Kansas.

Almin builds his shipping boxes. Note air space on two sides at the top.
On the other two sides he has air holes.
The lid has a sliding middle panel which when closed hold firmly shut.
To open you just slide the middle section back and you can easily retrieve the birds.

In addition to the lovely cock, he sent me two beautiful hens of the same line to go with him.  Looking forward to breeding more and more!


Anonymous said...

Bird Fever is an incurable disease :-)
I've had it most of my life. My weakness is softbills, but beautiful roller song comes close.
Great you have a new line to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Happy New Year!
Question: Do you plan to interbreed or mix the "Dentler" strain with the birds you brought in from Canada[your strain]? Or you keeping the two strains separated? Won't having another strain in close proximity affect the Dentler strain's song? (dentler
birds have recently won championships in mostly all song contests)

Linda Hogan said...

I will mix with my others which are nearly 100% german lines a few have some Dentler already.

Ever since I first went to the German Roller show and reinforced when I went the second time to Germany to their Roller show, I wanted to breed birds that were as good as their best. Like us, there is a lot of variation in quality but when you hear the top German teams they are much better than the best here in a number of ways, especially hollow roll, hollow bell and flute. I like my birds and other breeder birds here better in bass. Their best birds sing one identifiable tour after another with no filler. I want my birds to do that.
Of course, I will be putting any birds with Dentler blood together but that new male will be a busy boy!

Evon in WI said...

38Yes,for years I carried the contagious passion for canaries and finches. The past 2 years I have tried to eliminate them from my life. One circumstance or another brought the birds and incurable disease back to me. Now that is back;it is comforting to know I share passion with some of the best people/friends in the world.