Sunday, January 13, 2013

What's New In My Aviary - Columbus Fancy

At the National Cage Bird Show this Fall, I got some more Columbus Fancy to add to my collection.

New Columbus Fancy males given to me by Sandra Foote-Gregory.

Bill Zinke gave me a couple more Columbus Fancy again this year. The timid green is thought to be a hen and the blue is hopping around frantically like a hen.

Thanks so much Sandra and Bill for sharing your Columbus Fancy with me!

Now that the males have had three doses of ABBA fertility E, I turned up the lights today to 14 hours. Next Saturday the hens will get their first dose of ABBA fertility E weekly till they lay their first egg. Cocks continue getting it weekly unless single paired with a laying/setting/feeding hen.

Sunrise taken off my front porch looking down my street.

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