Friday, February 1, 2013

Share A Favorite Recipe - Bruce Gardner's Never Fail Old Fashion Nestling Food

 Bruce Gardner's Never Fail Old Fashion Nestling Food

Equal Parts: Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs, Gerber Mixed Baby Cereal and Wheat Germ.

Add enough Shredded Wheat Biscuits to make it course.

Add Hard Boiled Eggs

With all the wheat products in this recipe it is a great food for paired couples that are getting ready to nest or bringing the cocks into full breeding condition. It is very light and my birds ate it well!

Bruce shared that he has used this egg food recipe for many years and it has never let him down!

Bruce is a well respected canary breeder especially of Old Varieties such as Northern Dutch Frills and Old  Crest.

Thanks Bruce for sharing with us!

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See post comment question/answer below regarding a hen who stops feeding after chicks are banded.


Evon in CHILLY WI said...

Our family has used the recipe for years with good success. All basic kitchen ingredents. Need HELP with a puzzling situation from my bird room. I have had 3 different hens give up feeding the chicks after they are banded.It appears as if 1 chick a day is dying over the process of a week. I have made no changes in hours or temp. No changes in egg food. One 2-year old hen was left on her own to care for the chicks as she doesn't like the male around while she incubates the eggs. The other 2 hens have bonded with the cock and allow him to fed her and the chicks.Any thoughts on solving the issue???

Linda Hogan said...

Sometimes the hen stops feeding because it is so rich especially with protein that it upsets her stomach. I would offer plain oatmeal, ABBA Green dry nestling food or other dry nestling food. Cut the egg in the recipe and feed greens such as romaine lettuce, peas, corn etc. Make sure the chicks do not have a thin film covering the vent. I would immediately start Dr. Rob Marshall's KD powder in the it delays hen laying and also fixes some crop problems.

It is also possible she is abandoning them because she wants to lay again. Could she be overdosed on vitamin E or perhaps too much wheat products? KD Powder will correct this.

It is a good idea to be ready to hand feed when this happens. Last year I was very pleased with Orlux hand rearing formula from Higgins, not sure if it is in yet as I preordered a case of it in November and have not received it. I showed a Border that I feed every bite he was ever feed till weaned and he was lovely.

This year I will also be comparing Higgins to Biodecken handing rearing formula. I have recently received it from Ricardo.

Evon in WI said...

Yes Linda thank you, I am using plain oatmeal with greens peas and corn are a weekly staple for all my birds.
One other? When you hand-feed the babies do you remove them from mom and use a home brooder?

Linda Hogan said...

I leave them with the hen. Give something green every day and the oatmeal available at all time.