Saturday, February 16, 2013

Best Predictor of Fertility - Mouth to Mouth Feeding

By far, the best overall predictor of fertility is mouth to mouth feeding. The act of feeding brings on breeding hormones.

This Border pair is an older yellow cinnamon variegated hen with a young buff variegated cock. Wanting the cock to feed the hen I made up some special softfood.

I cooked two cups quinoa and also added hot water to two cups cous cous in a bowl which had olive oil and poppy seeds added. In another bowl I put one package CeDe nestling food plus one tablespoon AA Miracle vitamins and added two cups water and fluffed that with a fork. When the quinoa and cous cous were cool I added them to the CeDe nestling food.  Higher oil and high carbohydrate encourage breeding.

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Anonymous said...

Oh but it were that simple Linda!! I must disagree, in my experience cocks feeding hens has no correlation to all. An encouraging sign yes, but no cigar!!