Saturday, January 19, 2013

Breaking News: BioDecken Trial Sampler Kit

At my request, Ricardo Sanchez has made up a Trial Sampler Kit of my favorite BioDecken Products.  

The  Special Trial Sampler Kit contains:

2.5 kilo bag Novafood Offer dry to all birds during conditioning phase and to feeding hens. I also use Novafood in Doyle's eggless nestling food recipe on blog, currently during condition and plan on using for Borders with chicks.

1.0 lb Neonate Hand Feeding Formula Use for hand feeding chicks and provide dry to feeding hens. This is a new product that I am experimenting with this season.

1/2 liter bottle Essentials Multi-vitamins
1/2 liter bottle Defensor Immune Support 

I make up drinking water with both Essential Multi-vitamins and Defensor Immune Support for a "cocktail effect"and give the cocktail to my birds 2 to 3 times a week year round.

Cocktail Recipe: Add 10 ml Essentials Multi-vitamin and 10 ml Defensor Immune Support to 1000 ml water.  For less birds, use 1 ml or each to 100 ml water. I especially appreciate the extra selenium it contains.

The price of the Sampler Kit is $50 plus shipping. If interested contact Ricardo Sanchez at 214 998-7474

Ricardo, Thank you so much for making BioDecken Bird Products available in the US and for making up the special introductory package for my bloggers who want to try it.


Anonymous said...

What is the protein content on the Novafood? And is it alone enough for growing chicks? I have not yet
bought supplies for my canaries this year.

Anonymous said...

Is Biodecken also available in Europe?
Thank you,

Linda Hogan said...

Just added a shot of the label to original post for you. It is 19% protein. I will be watching the growth rates as the chicks should be banded on the 5th or 6th day. With Borders animal protein does not agree with them so other alternatives result in better feeding etc.

Last year I feed Orlux hand feeding formula (Higgins) to a Border Chick from birth. Mom never gave it a bite. I was surprised that it grew normally on the mix. In fact this bird, although only five months old, was shown at the national and got a first place class ribbon! I will be comparing the Orlux Hand feeding formula to the Biodecken hand feeding formula this season. Orlux was so much better than Exact (kaytee) that I will likely never buy Exact again! Orlux hand feeding formula is also feed dry till chicks are several month old and was an excellent weaning food.

Unknown said...

No, right now only to the Americas