Saturday, December 29, 2012

Confidential Informant - Mite Protector

A Canary Breeder, who wishes to remain anonymous, offered me a tip on mite prevention. They use the MannaPro Water Protector in the birds bath water each week to prevent mites and pointed  out that this was an all natural effective non-toxic alternative to toxic chemicals commonly used to treat birds with mites.

They also recommended MannaPro Poultry Protector which can be sprayed in cages, nests and even on birds.

Have any of you used these products?

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Anonymous said...

2310Great idea with the Manna Pro items. It is an easy method to keep them safe and clear of pests. I am going to try some. I used the MP conditioner pellets with great success.

I have used the fipronil drop by the preen gland for many years as a preventative against any micro-type pests that may live on their skin. Most recently on a softbill that has twice scraped it's feathers off overnight as if itchy. It seems to have stopped, but is due for a second application. I know the fipronil is for dogs, but have never had an adverse reaction to it on the birds. The bird I used it on is the size of a hummingbird and no apparent adverse reaction.
The great part of your blog is the exchange of ideas, methods and products. Thank you Linda - keep it up !