Friday, December 28, 2012

Breeder Report - Kristine Holmberg

You asked for input from other breeders.  I started breeding Roller's when I was 13yrs old.  So I've bred canaries off and on for the last 35 yrs.  Boy that makes me feel my age.  
In 2000 I decided to try Waterslager's  and 3 yrs ago I added Scots to the mix.  I breed just enough for my enjoyment, though I have been showing the Scots.  I have also been breeding Black and Hooded Siskins for the last 6 yrs with some success.

I still use eggfood to bring my birds into breeding condition.  Old habits die hard, but the last few years I have been adding cooked Quinoa to the mix.  I have also been using KJ's dry nestling food, which is awesome.
I have used Dr. Marshall products since I started keeping Siskins.  The KD has been vital to keeping them healthy.
This year I did make a few changes.  I have had fertility problems with some of my Scots and the Hooded's.  In the past I have tried Ferti-vit, Abba-E, Breed max with little success.   So this year I'm using Omni-Vit.  OH boy I already hear the difference.  The siskins are already singing.   In the past the cocks have been very slow to come into breeding condition.  So it will be fun to see how this breeding season turns out.  I have also started using Pigeon Vitality's "Improver" instead of KD.  I have seen and heard quite a significant change for the better in all the birds.  It was highly recommended by many Pigeon breeders in my area.  So time will tell if I like it better than KD.

Your Blog is alway fun to read and this old bird is always learning something new.

Happy New Year,
Kristine Holmberg
Seattle, WA
Thanks Kristine!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Where can we purchase Omni Vit in the U.S.A.?


Linda Hogan said...

I spent some time this morning looking for a US source for Orlux Omni-vit but no success so far. My usual King's Cages and Bird Supply of New Hampshire are not showing it available.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Linda
The product Bird Improver is best when used with antifungal and Oxy-B from the same company.I have had the best results when I used the products at half strength for the full duration of the breeding season.There is pigeon improver and bird improver.I have only used the bird improver.
Complements of the season and a happy new year to you and the family.Best Regards Donald(South Africa)